Teacher Appreciation

We love teachers!  

We want to help you find that perfect gift that shows how much you and your family appreciates the hard work and dedication of the teachers in your lives.

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Cheeryos Jewelry wish necklace handmade crafted make a wish dandelion pendant necklace
Wish Necklace
Cheeryos Jewelry kitten mittens necklace handmade crafted square cat paw prints necklace gift idea
Cheeryos Jewelry floral imprint cork earrings handmade hand crafted wine cork vintage filigree embellishments
Cheeryos Jewelry dragonfly cork necklace handmade hand crafted dragonfly charm wine cork pearl bead silver stainless steel chain
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Cheeryos Jewelry paw print necklace handmade crafted paw print dog art pendant necklace
Cheeryos Jewelry French affair collection necklace bracelet beaded earrings handmade crafted Paris art collage necklace
Cheeryos Jewelry 9 lives necklace handmade crafted cute cat collage necklace gift idea
Cheeryos Jewelry Eiffel Tower charm necklace silver vintage camera bicycle Eiffel Tower charm Paris France necklace
Cheeryos Jewelry french affair necklace handmade crafted Eiffel Tower Paris art collage necklace
Cheeryos Jewelry monarch necklace handmade crafted monarch butterfly art collage pendant necklace gift idea
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